Bitcoins: The New Era In Online Gambling

Whether to use bitcoins in their business or not is not an easy decision to make. Vera was for the idea while John was not, though they later came to an agreement to use bitcoins as a form of payment for their online casino games, becoming the first online casino to go this way, leaving their competitor Thrills Casino in the dust. Bitcoins make online transactions possible by transferring the cash from one player to another. They can be compared to a prepaid voucher. The first time you want to use them, or they have run out, you will have to make a purchase using the normal cash.

There are several advantages that you will experience when using bitcoins in the casino. First, you will not get any interference from a third party such as banks. Secondly, there are no extra transaction charges hence it is very cheap to use. Finally, they are totally safe as no one can withdraw them from your account as it is password protected. The transactions are also instant, and no delays are experienced whatsoever. Many online casinos and gaming sites such as Satoshi Slot are embracing the use of bitcoins for the above-mentioned advantages. Their value has gone up by over 300% in the past eight years, making them highly valuable and exciting to use in the games.

One of the casino’s goals is to promote innovation and development, which is clearly depicted by them being the first online casino to adopt this technology. Many casinos are likely to follow suit due to the many advantages that come with this payment method. The exchange rate also changes in real time as per the markets that determine the value of the bitcoin. The Vera and John online casino is totally safe as they are regulated by the Malta’s Lotteries and gaming authority. They also undergo frequent auditing.

It is important to note that only those in countries that are not against gambling can play the game. Those especially in the United States cannot play as their laws are against gambling. Moreover, the currency used is only euros. There are over one hundred employees on the site who make sure that you get the best experiences on the site too. There are over two hundred games that you can play from companies such as play’n Go, bally technologies and three pigeons among others.